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Casey Forrester
Broken Arrow, OK
What good's is a honey hole,
With a bait that's lost its soul.
KeepAlive gives bait the giggles
That give rod tips the wiggles.

Archie Nisbet
Kearny, NJ
Stripers in the Atlantic
Love lively Peanut Bunkers,
Without my trusty
The bunkers turn to Clunkers!

Archie Nisbet
Kearny, NJ
I fish New Jersey with killies
I fish in Texas with shrimp
Those magical bubbles from
Keep both from going limp

Diana Haddick
McHenry, IL
If at weigh-in
they won't revive,
next time fish with


Dave Garner

Even in non-election years
KeepAlive Oxygen Infusors
Get the Bass Vote!

Dave Garner

If you want to be a bass champ
and not a fish abuser
your livewell surely must include
KeepAlive Infusor!

Dave Garner

You fished hard all day long
And finally got your five
So when they're weighed
And looking good
You can thank your

 John Hardegree
Houston, Texas

If you want to catch some fish,
give your bait their fondest wish. .

 John Hardegree
Houston, Texas

Thou shalt not let thy bait die in vain.

 John Hardegree
Houston, Texas
If you want to catch some bass,
give 'em minnows with some sass!
KeepAlive works every time,
Anything else would be a crime.

Don Jason
Oakdale, CA

If you want your bass to be a ten
It needs a lot of oxygen
So please don't be a fish abuser
Use a Keep Alive Infusor!

Archie Nisbet
When fishing for fluke,
 With live killies and squid,
If you don't have a
 You'll wish that you did!

Larry Bainaka
Coatesville, IN
If fishing is your passion,
And you want your bait to thrive,
The way to make it happen,
Is to get a

Scott H. Shepler
Woodstock, Georgia
Le jour est à craindre ou le gros poisson viendra
Quelle déception, votre
Vif est mort.
Ce qu’il vous faut c’est

Anthony Garcia
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Les poissons ont besoins
d’air pour survivre.
Aidez les ! 

Tom Burke
New Port Richey, FL

To be a winner,
In the Redfish Tour,
You need a
That's for sure!

Leo J. Spaeder, Jr.
Pittsburgh, PA
At dawn you can troll in the ocean,
Or cast in a sleepy lagoon.
But if
KeepAlive isn't your partner,
Your bait will be dead before noon.

Jorge Garcia
Newberry, SC
Fishing or not fishing,
That is the question.
KeepAlive  or not keep alive,
That is the answer!

Jorge Garcia
Newberry, SC

Pescar o no pescar,
Esa es la pregunta.

KeepAlive o no mantener vivo,
Esa es la respuesta!

John Kain
 Marblehead, MA
Rory, get your dory,
 there are herring in the bay.
 Better buy a
Who knows how long they'll stay!

Robert Hamon
Guernsey Channel Islands
United Kingdom

If you don't want to be a loser,
Keep your bait "tanked up",
With a
KeepAlive Infusor.

Kerry Shiparski
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who got him a
KeepAlive bucket,
He found that his bait,
Stayed longer first rate,
And he no longer had to chuck it!

Sam Harrell
Bluebacks and Gizzards are the bait, 
Catch big Stripers out of the lake, 
Red nose and milky eyes is a loser,
Unless you own 

a KeepAlive Infusor.

Sam Harrell
KeepAlive, KeepAlive,
Is the one,
Without great bait,
Your day is done!!

Rick Bombardier
Waltham, Massachusetts
It's a bone of contention, 
A colloidal suspension, 

KeepAlive's sublime bubbles,
equal live bait retention.

John Munson
Blacksburg, Virginia
Bait can be big, 
Or bait can be small,
But fishing with dead bait, 
Is no good at all!

KeepAlive - The secret to live bait!

Geoffrey George
Little Rock, Arkansas
If you're fishin' for buzzards, 
Then dead bait's ok
But when after fish, 
You'll just waste your day! 
For your bait, or your catch, 

KeepAlive, has no match!

Geoffrey George
Little Rock, Arkansas
You can fish all day 
Or fish all night,
But you'll catch zip 
If you're bait's not right!

 The secret of those who know!

Geoffrey George
Little Rock, Arkansas
Grandpa always said,  
Live bait's the key
But if bait's deceased,
 Oh my, oh me!


Geoffrey George
Little Rock, Arkansas
If it's bigguns you're after,
 And ain't we all.
Your best bet is
It's your call.

Mark Fanders
Redington Shores, Florida

The size of your catch
Is directly proportional
To the life of your bait.

KeepAlive for Life!

Joe Marrs 
Fresh water, salt water,
Your bait will be limp,
Without your
For shiners or shrimp!

Scott H. Shepler
Woodstock, Georgia

It's fair to say
There'll come a day
When the
BIG one swims on by,
You'll bang your head
If your bait is dead
You should have had a

J.P. Jones
Sarasota, Florida
Fishing is fun,
but catching is great.
None of it's possible
 without live bait.

KeepAlive keeps YOU
alive and catching!

Kevin Hack
Perth, Western Australia

Your bait will be nimble,
Your bait will be quick,
Because your
 Will do the trick!

Donna Smith
Rogersvile, MO

The others all claim to be great,
But somehow they are second rate.
If you want your bait to thrive,
There is only one

Jim Kelaher
Orlando, FL

You've heard their claims,
 you've heard their jive,
 now buy the best,

Russell L Sproessig
Columbus, Indiana

It doesn't matter,
if one fish or five.
 They'll always breathe better,


Larry Del Carlo
Bait or bass,
Do it with class,
let them survive


Anthony Garcia
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Fish need oxygen to survive!
Help them out with


Robert Cummings
Vacaville, California
Stop the confusion,
stick with infusion.
If they're alive ,
when you arrive,
it's probably because
you used


Marc Smolensky
Lakeland, Florida

For TITANIC results,
from micro sized bubbles,
that won't sink your next fishing trip,

Stacie Rizer
Lancaster, Ohio

Prevent your bait
from taking a dive,
Treat them to a


Herb Richardson
Anchorage, Alaska

Tiny bubbles have arrived,
Make your fish happy with


Paul Gurchick
Anchorage, Alaska

Winnings will make you wealthy,
If you keep that big bass healthy!


Mark James
Hudson, Florida

Let your bass arrive alive,
buy yourself a


Let your winning bass survive,
keep them healthy with


If you want your bait to thrive,
get yourself a


KeepAlive Aerators and Livewells
will keep your fish alive and healthy!

KeepAlive Aireadores y Viveros
mantendrán a sus peces vivos y saludables!