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KeepAlive Oxygen Infusors TM

Courtesy of Captain Eric Shapiro


 Captain Rob Blake of Indian River, a full time professional charter captain tells us: "The KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  system supercharges my livewell with aerated water that my
factory air stone simply cannot match. Day in and day out I use shrimp and
pinfish, and its always been an issue in the summer heat keeping the bait
alive...not any more. I don't know why I waited so long to get
KeepAlive! Thank you!
 Captain John Fischbach is a professional full time fishing guide and pro staff member of Mercury Team Saltwater, Power Pole, Ocean Waves and Cotee industries. Captain John says: "With the thru hull KA1100TA KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor system aboard my Avenger 24,  I am able to provide the boat, tackle, experience, knowledge and now, most importantly, the BAIT. No matter what type of live bait or amount, whether it's 15 dozen shrimp, 1,000 pieces of whitebait (greenbacks), or 500 pinfish, my custom Marauder Marine 40 gallon livewell,  can now keep bait frisky and healthy even during hot Florida summers. The KeepAlive system  is a definite requirement for the fisherman wanting to have fresh frisky baits, or having the healthiest fish to release after a live fish tournament weigh in."
  Captain "J.T." Thomas and Captain Todd Wood are the two well known Tampa Bay radio talk show hosts of "Let's Talk Fishing", WQYK, 1010AM. They are both members of Team Hydra-Sports   Fishing Team. You can fish with them through Rodbuster Charters Service.
Captain "J.T" says: "Your bait system has eliminated years of frustration for me. The KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor
  is simply the best one I've ever used." 
Captain Todd says: "Seeing is believing! After just one use,The KeepAlive Oxygen
Infusor system has become a part of my fishing gear." 
  Captain Ken Marlowe is a professional guide and owner of Affordable Guide Service. He is also a top performer in the Red Man Pro Am Gator Division. Captain Ken says: "Keeping Florida wild Golden Shiners alive and healthy is an important part of my profession. My clients come from all parts of the world to experience Florida bass fishing. Without frisky bait, I cannot provide the service and results they deserve. By using the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor, shiners remain healthy throughout the day!
In tournament fishing, loss of points due to non-released bass can mean the difference between being a winner or loser. I totally rely on my KeepAplive Oxygen Infusor System to compete against hundreds of competitors. I fish every tournament with confidence, knowing my fish will remain healthy and alive. KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor
  is the Number One choice for me!"
  Captain Eric Shapiro is the television host of the Cable Ace Award winning televison show "Left Coast Fishing". He is a columnist for the St. Petersburg Times, and owner of Light Tackle Fishing Expeditions. Captain Eric says:"I love using the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor system, and use it every day. I charter 300 days a year, and believe in it wholeheartedly. It is the best product since the invention of the bait well ."
Allen Applegarth   Author of "Florida Fishing" & "U.S. Coastal Fishing" says: The KeepAlive Oxygen Infusion System is indeed a break through in aeration technology!  Not only will it keep the most delicate baits alive & healthy, (greenbacks, glass minnows, sardines, horse minnows) it allows you to cut back on the amount of water in your tanks!   My previous systems would force me to fill the tank amply, however, with Keep Alive I find it necessary to only cover the baits with an inch of water.  In fact, I now overcrowd the bait with complete confidence that they will remain alive and healthy when I need them.
Thanks to KeepAlive, keeping healthy bait is no longer a strategy game!
Captain Dennis Royston is a well known professional guide,and is also a pro-staffer for  MirrOLure, D.O.A. Lures, Cotee Fishing Lures, and Yamaha Outboard Motors.
Captain Dennis says: "For over thirty years I've fished the waters of the Central Gulf Coast of Florida. As a professional, keeping delicate bait alive has been a major problem, especially during hot weather. That problem has been eliminated with the installation of the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor in my Bayhawk Flats Boat. The KeepAlive
  system is the best I've ever used."
  Captain Van Hubbard is a well known Florida West Coast Guide, writer and President of the Florida Guides Association. He is also a pro-staffer for Dorado Boats, Yamaha Outboard Motors, Minn-Kota Electric Motors, and other fishing products.
Captain Van says: "In Florida, it is very difficult to keep fish alive in livewells during the summer months, because the water temperatures are very high. KeepAlive has solved my problem.
I have tried many aeration systems in the past, but
KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor is the best one I have ever used. "
Captain James Wisner has fished Tampa Bay for 25 years, and has held 27 IGFA Records. He is a member or the Mercury Pro Saltwater Fishing Team, and is a pro-staffer for Mercury Outboard Motors, Dorado Boats, Triple Fish Fishing Line, and many other fishing products. Captain James tells us: I have tried many bait-keeping systems in the past. I now use KeepAlive. I would recommend the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor System over all others.
   Captain Robert McCue is a well known professional guide, and holder of 7 IGFA world fishing records. He has been featured in major fishing magazines and newspapers. He is a pro-staffer for Cotee Fishing Lures, Key West Boats, and is part of the Mercury Saltwater Platinum Team. Captain Robert says: "KeepAlive Oxygen Infusors has solved a problem that has plagued me over the years. Keeping delicate bait alive, especially during the summer months, has always been a problem for me. Thanks to KeepAlive I am able to keep my clients fishing longer with livelier bait."
   Captain Bob Burke   of Bass Anglers Guide Service, is a professional guide in the Orlando/Disneyworld area. Captain Bob tells us: "I purchased a KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  for my bait tank.  My bait is staying lively overnight for my trip the next morning.  Before using KeepAlive, I was losing 2 to 3 shiners overnight and the ones that lived were very sluggish and lifeless.  The  KeepAlive has paid for itself in the first month by saving bait.  For a guide, like myself, it is a must to have fresh lively bait to catch more and bigger fish which makes our customers "Happy"!  I recommend the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  very highly."
Captain Dave Markett, Sport fishing Guide Service, Inc.
Captain Dave is a top guide in the Tampa Bay area. He and his guides obtain tremendous results with KeepAlive Oxygen Infusors
Captain Sam Schult of Sam's Peacock Bass Guide Service is a specialist in Florida Peacock Bass, a unique experience in fishing. Captain Sam tells us: "I couldn't believe the difference that the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor made. I left the ramp with 144 shiners and didn't have any die during the day while using KeepAlive. When you consider I was normally losing a dozen an hour at a cost of $5.00 per dozen, I would recommend the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  to anyone!"
Captain Charlie Walker is a well known professional guide and writer on the Central Florida Gulf Coast. Be sure to check out his articles on Bait Fish and Building the Right Bait Well.
Captain Charlie tells us: "My problem has been the same as everyone else on the Gulf Coast. The amount of bait that my livewell would support was cut by 50-75% when the water got above 78 degrees. This has always meant that bait collecting was a big part of the charter for at least half the year. Since using the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor System, I found that during the summer, even with water over 85 degrees, I could fill my bait well with enough threadfin herring (the most delicate bait of all) and scaled sardines, to fish for the entire day. Even at the end of the day, the left-over bait was just as lively as it had been when first caught in the morning!" 
  Captain Walt Reynolds is a Touring Pro and writer that is well known on the professional circuit, as well as a famous Florida Guide. Captain Walt says: "KeepAlive  is an excellent addition to any fisherman's equipment list. It will definitely help stop fish from dying in hot weather and rough conditions. I would heartily recommend it to any one seriously concerned about the mortality rate of their catch!"
  Captain Jim Hammond  of Fun Fishing Charters is a professional inshore guide in Jacksonville, Florida, a tournament angler, and host of Fun Fishing with Captain Jim. Captain Jim says:  "I fish several inshore tournaments every year, and to date, I am the only competitor that has weighed in a  LIVE limit for every event. I attribute this to The KeepAlive Oxygen Infusion System in my live wells. This is extremely important there is a 1/2 to 1 lb penalty on every dead fish.  KeepAlive Oxygen Infusors are by far the best I have ever seen.  A great product!"
  Captain Rob Gorta is professional guide on Tampa Bay, Florida. Captain Rob says: "KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor is a super live well system. It keeps bait alive under extreme conditions, from the hot water flats in summer, to the back bay brackish water in winter. KeepAlive  is the best system I have ever used. I recommend it to all who use live bait." 
   Captain Jim Lemke of Back Bay & Inshore Guide Service, is a professional guide and pro-staffer for Hewes Boats, G.Loomis Rods, and D.O.A. Captain Jim says:"I have a bait fettish! Before using the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor, I had to catch bait 2 to 3 times a day just to have them fresh and lively for my clients. With the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  installed, my bait remains fresh and lively with minimal loss. My clients now have more fishing time to go after that world class fish, thanks to KeepAlive !"
  Captain Terry Farner and sons Ryan and Kevin, are members of "Team Hydra-Sports". Captain Terry says: "My boys and I have many people aboard to fish with us. They are amazed, when they see first-hand how the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  provides additional "life blood" to bait fish. I recommend it to anyone who uses live bait. Thanks for a fantastic product!"
Captain Larry Blue is a professional guide and is the president of the Tampa Bay Florida League of Anglers, and member of the Florida Outdoors Writers Association. Captain Larry has led clients to 5 IGFA World Records. Captain Larry  says: "Good lively bait is too valuable to use with just any livewell aerator.  The KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  keeps bait lively and healthy every time."
  Captain Thom Smith of Flats Lady Charters is a professional guide and owner of Angler's Repair. Captain Thom says: "Even though I have stern wells with thru hulls on the back of my boat, the "Flats Lady",  I found that when I got into shallow and warm water, my bait had a tendency to die.  I solved my problem  by using the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor. it keeps the bait alive and frisky. Since I trailer my boat, I use the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  to transport my bait to where I launch the boat to fish.  I also sell them in my shop, because I know they work."
  Captain Bill Mosseller of Indian River Guides is a top professional guide on the east coast of Florida. Captain Bill tells us: "The first time I discovered the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  was in February 1997, during the Frank Sargent Show at Tampa, FL.  At first I was skeptical but then I installed the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor  and was immediately impressed.  The pump was actually keeping shrimp alive for 2 days in my boat, on my trailer, in my yard!  During the summer (June - September) the water temperature was 85 - 88 degrees and still the shrimp lived! This is my second summer using KeepAlive and now I simply use the KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor everyday of the year.  No ordinary water pump can measure up!  Give KeepAlive a try and you will save money on your live bait!"
  Captain Chet Jennings of Shell Point Charters is a professional guide in Tampa Bay. Captain Chet says:  "KeepAlive Oxygen Infusors  are a true blessing for the live bait fisherman.  I fish live bait and since I've had KeepAlive, my hours of worrying about my bait are over.  Thanks KeepAlive."
  Captain Wade Osborne  of Afishionado Guide Services is a professional guide in the Tampa Bay area. Captain Wade Osborne says: "At certain times of the year catching live bait can take hours. Once caught they need to stay frisky. I use a KeepAlive KA700RK recirculator on my live well and a raw water pick up, but water pumps can spook noise sensitive fish, like snook and redfish. When moving into those area's I shut my water pump off and use only the KeepAlive recirculator. I do the same in the winter when I run up one of the numerous rivers or creeks the Suncoast has to offer to fish. This keeps brackish water out and the proper water salinity in for delicate threadfins and pilchards. On those hot sweltering summer days, when the water temperature is approaching 85degrees, KeepAlive's Oxygen Infusion is accentual equipment. The millions of air bubbles the KeepAlive pumps into the water keeps my bait lively and happy all day long. Well, at least until it's about to be inhaled by a big fish! KeepAlive, bait can't survive without it! Neither can I."
Earl Moore of Bass Daddy's Charters, Land-o-lakes FL., Tel. 813-748-0981, is a fresh water guide and professional tournament angler. Earl says: "I just want to thank you for KeepAlive. This unit is great for my bait fish, and furthermore it has helped keep big BASS alive in time for tournament weigh-ins. I would recommend KeepAlive to anyone doing tournaments or anyone that wants to keep bait alive long term."
Captain Steve Bowler of Fish Tales Guide Service and television host of Fishtales Interactive TV is a well known guide in Tampa Bay area.
Captain Greg DeVault of Angling Adventures is a professional guide for inshore fishing in the Tampa Bay area.
  Captain Jere Smith of Flats Fishing and host of the television show Fishtales Interactive TV is a professional guide in the Tampa Bay area.
  Captain Don Mason is a professional guide in Tampa Bay.
  Captain Rodney Martin is a professional guide in Tampa Bay.
  Captain Dave Mistretta of Jaws Too Charters, fishes the Florida West Coast.
  Captain Tom Palmer of Honky Conch Charters is a professional guide in Weekiwachee.


KeepAlive Aerators and Livewells
will keep your fish alive and healthy!